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The Issue Related To Child Abuse Social Work Essays

The Issue Related To Child Abuse Social Work Essays The Issue Related To Child Abuse Social Work Essay The Issue Related To Child Abuse Social Work Essay sexual maltreatment ( runing from exposure and caressing to intercourse, incest, and colza ) , and emotional maltreatment ( unequal parenting and break up unfavorable judgment ) . Drumhead The incidence of maltreatment depends on the combination of factors qualifying the parent and kid. Assorted types of maltreatment exist, and the effects of the job are legion and lay waste toing. It is clear that aid is needed for all both elements: the kid and parent. Systems Approach to Child Maltreatment Introduction Since kid maltreatment and disregard are non entirely societal, legal, psychological or medical jobs, they should non be manages by one subject or profession entirely. These are complex jobs affecting Judgess, attorneies, constabulary officers, societal workers, doctors, and pedagogues. Often, assisting attempts remain disconnected among assorted subjects, communications and coordination are hard to implement, there is a duplicate of attempts by viing bureaus, and tear and hostility exist among viing attacks to the job. [ The Social Construction of Child Abuse, 1975 ; 363-371 ] In response to the job of kid ill-treatment, several legal powers have created multidisciplinary kid protection squads to look into, buttocks, and dainty instances of kid maltreatment. The format and execution of these squads vary nationally, yet they normally include the accomplishments of legal, societal work, mental wellness, and medical professionals, and it has by and large been found that the squads corporate expertness provides more comprehensive, valuable counsel to an single social worker, research worker, justice, etc. [ The Child Protection Team Handbook, 1978 ; 7-13 ] Punitive V. Curative Approachs There are two general positions of how to near the job of kid maltreatment: The punitory attack positions child maltreatment as a offense for which parents must be punished. The curative attack positions child maltreatment as a household job necessitating intervention for the household. The attack to child, protection has bit by bit shifted from punitory to curative, with the current positions that intervention and rehabilitation, instead than penalty and requital, and is the best agencies of protecting endangered kids. Five major systems are involved in kid maltreatment jurisprudence enforcement, societal service, medical, and instruction systems and the positions of each will now be discussed. Law enforcement Perspective The constabulary officer s primary duty to the community is to forestall offense, apprehend felons, guarantee public safety, and enforce Torahs. Police may take portion in the probes of alleged instances of kid ill-treatment since they have the legal authorization to derive entree to the place and take the kid or maltreater from the place if the life or wellness of the individual is in danger. The bulk of kids, nevertheless, are comparatively in a nonthreatening mode so that the parent s response to this initial experience is receptive to therapy and does non prevent future bureau contacts. [ The Child Protection Team Handbook, 1978 ; 149-152 ] Although the coverage Torahs in many States require a constabulary probe and study, police engagement is rare and many constabularies sections refer the instance to a protective service bureau for probe and proviso of services. [ Overview of the Problem, 1975 ; 31 ] While some constabulary sections have initiated specifically trained kid abuse units, the bulk of constabulary sections have non. The police officer called to measure the scene of suspected kid maltreatment normally lacks the preparation and diagnostic accomplishments necessary to measure the earnestness of the state of affairs and find appropriate action for the public assistance of the household. This issue stems from the attitude that any assisting map necessitating the usage of interpersonal accomplishments diminishes the masculine authorization image of the constabulary, and the strong belief that assisting people is basically a societal work map that is distinct from the existent work of the constabulary. [ Overview of the Problem, 1975 ; 40 ] Realistically, the constabulary officer can be trained to go more of a specializer in managing household crises without compromising the primary map of keeping jurisprudence and order. Bard suggests that alterations are needed in the co nstabulary organisational construction, that cooperation with other assisting systems are needed, and that intensive preparation plans in household crisis intercession should be instituted. [ Overview of the Problem, 1975 ; 41 ] These alterations would enable the officer to move with greater effectivity and personal satisfaction and to the benefit of society. [ Overview of the Problem, 1975 ; 42 ] Another issue is that juvenile constabulary research workers are short-handed and overworked. Because of the low precedence they place on the job of kid maltreatment, constabulary decision makers tend to restrict the figure of research workers may besides reflect the traditional attitude that the function of constabulary is maintain jurisprudence and order, non the advocate and intervene in domestic jobs. Social Service Perspective By virtuousness of their preparation and occupation function, most societal workers are sensitive to the job, and are able to place and therefore study suspected instances of ill-treatment. The societal worker ( besides referred to as a protective service worker ) conducts the probe, appraisals, and intervention of instances. [ The Child Protection Team Handbook, 1978 ; 221-235 ] Because of the nature of societal work preparation, societal workers tend to see kid maltreatment within the broader context of the household kineticss and interaction forms, instead than concentrating on the maltreatment itself. If a household is collaborating with the intervention, a societal worker will frequently avoid constabulary intercession and possible tribunal proceedings, experiencing that these would be counterproductive to a curative relationship with the household. [ Child Abuse Case Identification and Reporting, 1977 ; 7 ] However, if a kid is in utmost danger, or if the worker feels that by d escribing, more resources and intervention would go available for the household, the societal worker will describe a instance to the constabulary. Social workers frequently find themselves in a quandary between what they feel they should make as required by their occupation and what they personally experience would be in the best involvements of the kid and the household. [ The Child Protection Team Handbook, 1978 ; 221-235 ] Many societal workers feel that the best manner to manage ill-treatment is to do every attempt to maintain the kid in the place and maintain the household integral while step ining with supportive services ( housewifes, twenty-four hours attention, guidance, etc. ) With the belief that surrogate attention and institutional attention are unequal replacements and abused kids will normally return place voluntarily, the current tendency is to maintain the kid with his natural parents and learn the parents more effectual parenting accomplishments. [ The Child Protection Team Handbook, 1978 ; 221-235 ] A major issue in societal service sections is that more support is needed to supply a larger staff, increased preparation, and more outreach work in the community. [ The Child Protection Team Handbook, 1978 ; 221-235 ] Protective service workers are by and large overworked and underpaid due to deficits of support and staff. Another job that faces societal workers is a deficiency of cooperation among community bureaus. Often bureaus will decline to portion information with a societal service section, fearing that they will be robbed of the instance when, in fact, the societal service section s purpose is to derive a better apprehension of a instance in order to supply more complete services. [ The Child Protection Team Handbook, 1978 ; 221-235 ] Social worker burnout is another important job. Working with maltreatment instances is an highly demanding undertaking which requires exceeding sensitiveness. Social workers must be able to accept cordial reception and rejection without experiencing the demand to revenge. Due to emotional exhaustion, many workers lose their sensitiveness and burnout , thereby going uneffective as assisting individuals. A self-help group composed of protective service workers has emerged to supply a good support system for workers who daily sustain emotionally run outing experience and need an mercantile establishment to vent their defeat. [ The Child Protection Team Handbook, 1978 ; 235-237 ] Medical Position The doctor s chief function in kid maltreatment instances is to be an accurate pathologist and to supply medical intervention. [ The Child Protection Team Handbook, 1978 ; 39 ] Many experts believe that physicians are the professionals most qualified, to place kid maltreatment, yet many physicians find that naming maltreatment is highly hard for several grounds. Doctors, in general, have merely minimum preparation related specifically to child raising and ill-treatment ; many have non mastered interviewing accomplishments and observation techniques which are necessary in placing maltreatment ; and many do non obtain information from patients unless it is volunteered. [ Child Abuse Case Identification and Reporting ; 1977 ; 8-8 ] Although sensing of kid maltreatment is portion of the duty of doctors, they may be hesitating to describe it ; even though it is illegal non to describe it. The issue of confidentiality, privateness, and professional moralss enter into the doctor s determination devising procedure. The doctor may experience that professional moralss involved in the physician patient relationship preclude describing a instance of maltreatment. Possible liability, possible harm to a doctor s pattern, and the desire to avoid the possibility of attesting in tribunal or covering with angry parents are principles for a physician s non describing kid maltreatment. Ultimately, the doctor s major concern should be the patient s public assistance ; that is what is best for the kid. As with other professionals, the diagnosing and study of child maltreatment is a affair of the doctor s judgement. Education Position The instructors function topographic points them in a premier place for roll uping information about kids and their place environment. Since they have continual day-to-day contact with kids over long periods of clip, they are able to detect any unusual fortunes and alterations in a kid s visual aspect and behaviour, which allows them to do determinations about suspected instances of ill-treatment. They may go leery of a kid who becomes excessively aggressive, overactive, or who all of a sudden becomes really inactive and withdrawn. Children who are systematically tardily for school, come to school excessively early, hesitate to travel place, or are absent without sensible accounts, may be demoing indicants of possible maltreatment. Teachers are able to detect the kid s interaction with his equals, grownups, aliens, and detect his behaviour at drama. Besides, instructors have an chance to go acquainted with the kid s parents and organize some feeling of the kid s household life and place environment and of the parents grade of involvement and concern for the kid. Despite the fact that instructors are in a premier place to indentify and describe suspected child maltreatment, they frequently have their ain position of what constitutes good parenting patterns. Many instructors tend to overlook maltreatment, since they themselves believe in the patterns of rough subject in the schoolroom. Others are keenly cognizant of maltreatment, and position it as a manifestation of household jobs in the kid s place. Another current issue is the resistance voiced by parents and communities sing compulsory coverage, by school forces, of suspected kid maltreatment instances. Many parents view the instructor s duty to describe suspected instances of ill-treatment as an invasion into the privateness of household personal businesss. Communities have opposed it due to concern over the confidentiality of records. The National Center on Child Abuse has observed that, in general, community response to describing kid maltreatment through the school system has been highly negative ; therefore, community instruction, support, and engagement are critical. Decision Each profession has its ain function, undertaking, and position on managing instances of ill-treatment, and these functions, unluckily, frequently overlap, or otherwise come into struggle, doing a duplicate of attempts, deficiency of services. Many research workers conclude that a multidisciplinary squad attack is more effectual manner of pull offing the job of kid maltreatment. Decision The direction of job of kid maltreatment is in a province of alteration and alteration. The Torahs and processs are obscure and vary from legal power to legal power. The figure of reported instances of ill-treatment has been turning at a gait that overwhelms the professionals who process them. This addition is straight related to the alteration in the Torahs sing compulsory coverage and unsusceptibility from malpractice suits every bit good as to alter in our societal construction. Further research is needed to find the current incidence and badness of kid maltreatment and disregard ; to clear up the relationships between the psychological, societal, familial, and economic factors and child ill-treatment ; to research promising preventative and intervention techniques ; and to measure the effectivity of bing plans. Child maltreatment affects our full society. It is no longer merely a household job but a societal, legal, moral, and medical concern. It concerns non merely the kid and the maltreater: all of us are involved as neighbours, friends, relations, citizens, professionals as homo. It is naif to believe that child maltreatment can be eradicated wholly. However, like so many other social jobs, a conjunct attempt can relieve the job to some extent and cut down the emotional and fiscal costs. The costs are incalculable. For the abused and ignored kid there is terrible physical and emotional hurting. For the maltreater there may be feelings of insufficiency, insecurity, bitterness, defeat, guilt, and shame. For the populace there is the disbursal of medical intervention, tribunal proceedings, Foster attention, bar undertakings, and intervention plans. In add-on, since every abused kid is potentially an opprobrious parent and unstable grownup, there is the inestimated cost to society of perpetuating the job from coevals to coevals.

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The Depicting Graphs Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Depicting Graphs - Assignment Example The decrease in the cost of production will increase the profit margins of the company. Hence, it will be willing to supply more t-shirts. This is depicted by the outward shift of the supply curve from S1 to S2. Therefore, the increased quantity supplied decreases the shortage in the market. The curve of Marginal Revenue depicts the extra revenue that is earned from selling an extra unit of output. It declines linearly as the output increases. The curve of Marginal cost shows the extra cost that is incurred from producing an extra unit of output. It is the U-shaped curve that first declines reaches a minimum cost and then rises as the output increases. The curve of Average Cost portrays the mean cost of producing a certain level of output. It declines sharply at first, reaches a minimum average cost and then steadily rises as the output produced is increased. The demand curve depicts the quantity demanded at different prices. It is a downward sloping curve. As the price decreases, the quantity demanded increases. I believe that the firm will not face severe competition for a long time as barriers to entry are high in this monopolistic market structure. This will guarantee the firm sure profits in the long run as well. One of the first impacts will be the increased price of the imported goods and services. This will increase the cost of these commodities in the UK market. As well as the producers will increase their cost to cover their rise in price in their imported raw materials. Therefore, this will lead to cost-push inflation in the UK market. On the other hand, the depreciation will boost the UK exports and lead to increase in their demand. All in all, the increases exports and the reduced imports will lead to a growth in the GDP of the country. At the same time, the other European markets will face tough competition from the low priced UK exports.  

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Outline chapter(4) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Outline chapter(4) - Assignment Example This is explained through the relationship of various effects that may accrue, from the innumerable studies that have been conducted. This means that sophisticated approaches have been bore during the past several decades that help in understanding effects. Next, Hattie sub-groups these consequences into various sub categories in order to understand the specification criterion that best explains the entire effect. For instance, he disintegrates the schooling process into components like students, the process of teaching and learning, other co-curriculum activities, the teachers in charge, the curriculum being used, stakeholders partaking the schooling process, just to mention but a few. With such sub divisions, they can be well understood in this individualized content. This just explains what begets the dynamic perspective of the schooling process. Hattie then establishes a measurement criterion for the varied observations made from the individualized sub groups. This enables them to be categorized in order of effect such that others are ranked as extreme, while others as mild. In general, the chapter outlines the individualized as well as the generalized perspective research methodologies encompassed in the learning process. A myriad of methodologies are explained and recommended as pertaining to any education process which, as a matter of fact, is

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Englis Removalist Essay Essay Example for Free

Englis Removalist Essay Essay Engaging texts lead us to think about significant issues within society. Discuss with reference to your prescribed test and of at least ONE other related text. Significant issues within society are effectively explored through engaging texts. The two-act play ‘The Removalists† written by David Williamsons explores significant issues within society in Australia in the seventies. The significant issues discovered throughout â€Å"The Removalists† include abuse of power and corruption. Similarly the empowering film â€Å"Shawshank Redemption† directed by Frank Darabount, also explores issues within society. Unlike David Williamsons â€Å"The Removalists†, â€Å"Shawshank Redemption† explores similar issues within society in America, in the 1940s. A significant issue within society is corruption. Corruption was conveyed throughout the play â€Å"The Removalists†. This is evident when Simmonds states â€Å"We can’t handle anything big because there is only the two of us. We can handle anything small, but then again it’s hardly worth the effort if it’s small†. Even though Simmonds says this area is the geographical centre of crime, which portrays his contradicting statements. Since the sub-branch does not handle anything big or handle anything small, it indicates the corruption within the force. The character Simmonds again reflects corruption throughout the play when he says â€Å"I have never made and arrest in all my twenty three years in the force, Ross† Simmonds uses irony as Simmonds mentioned that this city has the greatest crime rate, and Simmonds is yet to make an arrest in all his time in the force. Through the character Simmonds, corruption is effectively explored throughout The Removalists. In a similar fashion, the social issue of corruption is evident throughout the film Shawshank Redemption. Corruption was evident in the beginning of the movie as throughout Shawshank items were being traded through the currenc y of cigarettes. The fast-paced panning motions were used to show that the trading was illegal but still completed with all the prisoners and some guards. Another way corruption is evident throughout Shawshank Redemption is through the character Andy as he stimulates a large part of corruption throughout Shawshank. â€Å"All I ask for is three beers a piece for each of my co-workers†. Since Andy is doing illegal work for the police Andy asks in a polite tone for something in return for the work he has done. Corruption is also evident when Norton asks another inmate â€Å"would you be able to testify before the judge?† Norton’s asks him in a friendly tone and a low volume so  Norton could let the inmate think he was his friend. The inmate told the truth, which led to the inmate being intentionally killed. This demonstrates in a similar fashion to The Removalists how the social issue of corruption is evident in Shawshank Redemption. The social issue of the abuse of power is evide nt throughout The Removalists. This is evident when Simmonds â€Å"bends down and hoist’s Fiona’s skirt up a little† and say’s â€Å"take a close-up one on her thigh†. Simmonds actions and words portray his abuse of power within the police force to pick on troubled Fiona. The alluring tone Simmonds’s used towards Ross to take a picture of Fiona’s thigh indicated his plan was to try and use his authority and power he has to seduce Fiona. The social issue of the abuse of power is again evident through the character Simmonds. When Simmonds arrests Kenny, Simmonds abuses his power by repeatedly punches Kenny. Simmonds uses force against Kenny when Kenny undermines him. â€Å"Pity about Kate. Sergeant. You would’ve been in like Flynn† Simmonds resorts to violence because he believes that he has the right to, because he doesn’t follow the rulebook. â€Å"Stuff the rule book up your arse†. Through the character Simmonds the social issue of the abuse of power is evident in The Removalists. Similarly, the social issue of the abuse of power is evident throughout Shawshank Redemption. The abuse of power is evident through the warden, Norton. â€Å"Nothing stops! Nothing! Or you will do the hardest time there is. No more protection from the guards† The high modality and commanding tone Norton uses is to remind Andy that he is still the boss, and that Andy is under Norton’s thumb. It also portrays the abuse of power as Norton who abuses his power as the warden in Shawshank by controlling Andy for his tax frauds. The issue of the abuse of power is again evident through Norton. â€Å"There’s going to be a book barbeque at the back if you say anything†. Norton threatens Andy to keep quiet or his six years of work in the prison to get the library will turn into ashes. Norton’s commanding tone to a beaten up Andy was to further intimidate and threaten him. The two acts committed by Norton towards Norton displays the social issue of the abuse of power throughout Shawshank Redemption. Through engaging texts significant issues within society are explored effectively. The texts â€Å"The Removalists† and â€Å"Shawshank Redemption† effectively explore and reflect the significant issues within society.

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Physics :: essays research papers

Electricity has three features that include current, voltage and resistance. Current is the flow of electrons round a circuit that is measured by the ammeter in amps (A). Whilst the voltage, refer to as potential difference, is the driving force that circulates the current around the circuit that acts like an electrical pressure. The unit of measurement for this is Volts (V), which is measured by a voltmeter. Resistance is a force that slows down the current; consequently it slows down the flow of current. This is measured in Ohms (W). Between the voltage and resistance there is equilibrium, where the voltage impels the current, whereas the resistance is opposing this electrical pressure. The relative sizes of the voltage and resistance decide how big the current will be. Increasing the voltage allows more current to flow, whilst increasing the resistance would decrease the amount of current flowing round the circuit. Discovered by George Ohm in 1826, the current is in direct relative amounts to the potential difference. If the temperature is kept constant as well as other conditions, Ohms law is obeyed. The graph on the side illustrates the current through a resistor is proportional to the voltage. V=IR gives the formula for Ohms law. In order for current to flow it requires electrons to carry the electric current. The electrons are the negative charge that can freely move about. Within metals there are a sea of electrons that can carry the electric current, which is reason why they conduct so well and are used for many purposes, such as wires. Factors During the investigation there will be many factors that will affect the resistance in a wire. These factors include:  ·Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Length of wire – If the wire length increases, the distance for the electrons to pass through would take a longer period of time since the electrons collide more with atoms of the wire. As a result there is an increase in resistance as the number of collisions cause the electrons to flow slowly, which justifies the term for resistance. Conversely if the length of the wire is shortened, the time taken for electrons to travel is reduced given that there are not as many electrons colliding with atoms. As results there are a small number of collisions, hence reduces the resistance.  ·Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Thickness of wire - A wider breadth of the wire causes atoms within the wire to expand a small distance between each other.

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Mayan Art Architecture Essay

Art for the Mayans was a reflection of their lifestyle and culture. For the Mayans art took several forms including: painting paper, plaster, carvings in wood and store, clay, stucco models, and terra cotta figurines from molds. Metal was very scarce and so it wasn’t commonly used. Mayan Art during the period, 200 to 900 has been considered the most sophisticated and beautiful of the New World. There is few remaining Mayan Art, which includes funerary pottery, ceramics, a building in Bonampak (which is around Chiapas, Mexico), has several murals. What is interesting is that Mayan art gave almost free reign to the artist. The artist was not required to produce a work that fit any particular rules. The art usually didn’t depict anonymous priests and unnamed Gods. Some archaeologists believe that art was only produced by the wealthy. Most of the people who lived were farmers who had to work hard to make a living. It is presumed that most of the art was done by sons of kings, and the artworks made were given as gifts or sold to other wealthy landowners. An interesting fact is that Mayans were one of the few civilizations that the artists signed their name to their work. ARCHITECTURE The Mayan architecture is the method the men spoke to the gods. The first Mayan pyramid was said to be built in Uaxatan, Guatemala, just before the birth of Christ. The Mayan architecture is one of the most recognizable. Each pyramid was dedicated to a deity whose shrine was at the peak. At the height of the Mayan civilization, cities like Chichen Itza, Tikal, Uxmal were created. URBAN DESIGN Mayan cities were spread all throughout Mesoamerica. Locations of cities were  not planned to a great extent. In fact, most cities seem to be placed haphazardly. The Mayans easily adapted their cities to their surroundings. Cities that were in northern Yucatan existed on flat limestone plains, while cities built in the mountains or on hills such as, Usumacinta, used the topography to raise their towers and temples very high. At the centre of all Mayan cities were large plazas, which held governmental and religious buildings such as the pyramid temples and ball-courts. Although it seems that most planning was done in a haphazard manner, the Mayans placed very special attention to the directional orientation of temples and observatories. They were always constructed in accordance with Maya interpretation of the orbits of the stars. Outside of ritual centers were the formation of lesser nobles, smaller temples, and individual shrines. These less sacred structures had much more privacy. Outside of the urban core were the less permanent and modest homes of common people. In essence, it was the most sacred and noble buildings in the centre and the further one got from the center the lower of importance the dwelling was in the Mayan hierarchy. In the classic Era the Mayans focused on great monuments (such as temples), public plazas. Interior Space was entirely secondary. In the later-post classic era the Greater Mayan cities developed into more fortress-like defensives structures that lacked plazas. The Mayans actually developed several unique building innovations, including the corbel arch which was a false arch achieved by stepping each successive block, from opposite sides, closer to the center, and capped at the peak. MATERIALS The Mayans lacked many construction technologies. They didn’t have metal tools, pulleys, and even the wheel – or at least they didn’t use the wheel as a means to help in work. Mayan architecture was based on manpower. All  stone was taken from local quarries, and they mostly used limestone. It wasn’t only used because there was an abundance of it but because it was easy to be worked with. The mortar generally consisted of crushed, burnet, and mixed limestone that is similar to cement, and it gave a stucco finishing. PROCESS The King or priests would supervise the labour of the common people. The peasants would work on the construction projects as a method to pay homage to the king and the state, and the construction typically took place when they were unable to do their agricultural work. The laboureres would carry loads of materials on their backs of roll them on logs to get them from the source, usually a quarry, to the site. The Mayans also had specialized workers such as architects who would oversee the construction of the buildings. STYLE Mayan architects did not build in right angles. They relied on bilateral symmetry meaning if you were to cut the building right down the middle, each half would look like a mirror image of the other side. They would also build temples on top of temples. This is one method on how they made some pyramids so large. COMMON STRUCTURES Ceremonial Platforms These were made of limestone, and less than 4 meters in height. Public ceremonies and religious rites were performed here. The buildings were often accented by carved figures, altars and sometimes a tzompantli. A tzompantly is a stake used to display the heads of victims, or defeated Ball game opponents. The word comes from the Nahuatl language of the Aztecs, however,  it has been applied to many other civilizations. The general interpretation is skull rack or wall of skulls. Palaces Needless to say, palaces were large and highly decorated. They were usually located at the center of the city and housed the city’s elite. Often, they were one-story and consisted of many small chambers and at least one courtyard. Sometimes, palaces were home to various tombs. E-groups Still a mystery today. The appeared on the western side of a plaza and they are a pyramid temple facing three smaller temples across the plaza. Some believe that these E-Groups are observatories due to precise positioning of the sun through the small temples when viewed during solsites and equinioxes. Pyramids and temples Most religious temples say atop very high Maya Pyramids – one theory stating that it was the closest place to the heavens. Most temples had a roof comb which is a superficial grandiose wall, they say the temples served as a type of propaganda. It was very occasional that these walls would exceed the height of the jungle. The roof combs would be carved with representations of rulers that could be seen from vast distances. Beneath the temple were a series of platforms split by steep stairs that would allow access to the temple. Observatories The Maya were very intelligent people, and they were keen astronomers, they had mapped out phases of planets. The method they learned about this is through their observatories. The Mayans had these round temples, often dedicated to Quetzalcoatl or what they called him Kukulcan, and if you go on tours many guides will say that they are observatories but realistically  there is no evidence to prove this. Ball Courts An integral part to any Mesoamerican lifestyle. This ins’t specific to just the Mayans but to basically every Mesoamerican civilization. Enclosed on two sides by stepped ramps that led to the platforms. The ball court was found in all but the smallest of Mayan cities. Explanation of The Game It was the first team sport in history and began over 3,500 years ago. The game wasn’t just for competition, the survival of the players and the spectators depended on the outcome.

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Key Stakeholders Affected By The Collapse Of Enron

List 5 key stakeholders affected by the collapse of Enron? Explain briefly how each stakeholder was affected. a. Stockholders at first reaped tremendous gains from their investments in Enron stock, because the company’s value rose a lot of quicker than market averages throughout the late Nineteen Nineties. In 2001, because the stock value folded, investors lost $70 billion in value. Each individual and institutional shareholders were hurt. Significantly blasted were Enron workers whose 401(k) retirement plans were heavily endowed in their company’s stock. Even shareholders who failed to own any Enron stock were hurt, as stock costs fell across the board within the wake of the scandal as investors doubted the integrity of the many companies’ monetary reports. b. Many staff lost their jobs as a results of Enron’s failure; four thousand were set off directly, with additional to follow. Several staff saw the worth of their retirement accounts collapse. c. The full impact of Enron’s collapse on customers isn t explored within the case. Students might speculate that some customers that had signed semi-permanent contracts with Enron for the delivery of bound commodities were left while not a reliable supply. d. The full impact of Enron’s collapse on suppliers isn t explored within the case. Students could speculate that some companies that had signed long-run contracts with Enron for the delivery of bound commodities were left while not a reliable distributor/customer. e.Show MoreRelatedFall of Enron Essay1430 Words   |  6 PagesQ1- Who were the key stakeholders involved in, or affected by the collapse of Enron? How and to what degree were they hurt or helped by the actions of Enron management? Ans- The key stakeholders affected by the collapse of Enron were its employees and retirees. Stakeholders and mutual funds investors lost $ 70billion market value. Banks were also affected by the meltdown of the company. They included big banks like J P Morgan Chase and Citigroup. Not only the stakeholder and bondholder lose outRead MoreThe Enron : Organizational Renewal Theory And Situational Crisis1023 Words   |  5 Pagesthe Enron collapse as we mentioned earlier in the paper. If the organization had a clear-thought out plan, then the company could have managed to save itself from bankruptcy and damaging lives. After reviewing the aftermath of this crisis from several articles it is evident that Enron handle this poorly from start to finish. In this section, we will be focusing on two crisis communication theories as they related to the event. It is actually difficult to properly gauge the theories, as Enron didRead MoreEnron Case1075 Words   |  5 PagesMINI CASE: THE FILURE OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AT ENRON 1.Which parts of the corporate governance system, internal and external, do you believe failed Enron the most? In the evaluation of the Enron’s case; by trying to see the very big picture, it is not only about that the internal part of the corporate governance system was failed or but also the external part of the corporate governance system was also failed. As noted on the last paragraph of the mini case, many people from different positionsRead MoreEnron Scandal1477 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Current issue: Scandals in auditing Enron Scandal 1. Introduction Accounting scandals are political or business scandals which arise with the disclosure of financial misdeeds by trusted executives of corporations or governments. These days, not too often, these scandals are splashed as headlines across media. Why? Because there are complex groups of stakeholders who might be seriously affected by the scandals. Enron scam was the most remarkable scandal in 20 centuries by their institutionalizedRead MoreEnron’s Stakeholder Impact Case Analysis Essay1725 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction: Widely known as the champion of the energy industry, Enron is suddenly faced with a corporate crisis in the form of a scandal. This scandal involves not only Enron’s accounting practices but also its corporate governance and culture (Lawrence Weber, 2008). This report will recommend some potential strategies for Enron to move forward from the scandal. To do this, we must incorporate stakeholder theory, which â€Å"argues that corporations serve a broad public purpose; to create valueRead MoreThe Virtuous Manager1658 Words   |  7 PagesThe Virtuous Manager Enron was the model for rapid growth in the 1990’s but part of the culture and ethics of Enron was disturbing. Falsified documents, cutthroat competitiveness among employees and accounting schemes that hid the truth of the company’s indebtedness were just a few examples of the lack of business ethics within the organization. Perhaps a more virtuous management team could have saved Enron from collapse. Culture of Enron An Indicator of Corruption Enron’s management style wasRead MoreEnron And The Collapse Of Enron1718 Words   |  7 PagesINTRODUCTION Enron, one of the most influential and profitable companies in utility, paper, and communications for numerous years, came crashing down and filed for bankruptcy in fall 2001 (Bottiglieri, Revile, and Grunewald 1). Houston National Gas and InterNorth fused together and created Enron in 1985. The company faced initial problems of debt and loss of exclusive rights to pipelines (Thomas 1). This accounting method allowed Enron to log entire profits from the life of a contract in the yearRead MoreEthics And The Corporate World2649 Words   |  11 PagesIf there’s anything that we could learn from the recent events in the corporate world is that ethics has been undervalued. Many organizations have been destroyed or heavily damaged financially and took a hit in terms of reputation, for example, Enron. The word Ethics is derived from a Greek word called Ethos, meaning â€Å"The character or values particular to a specific person, people, culture or movement† (The American Heri tage Dictionary, 2007, p. 295). Ethics has always played and will continue playRead MoreEnron And Its Impact On Corporate Business Practices1124 Words   |  5 PagesEnron Enron is a company infamous for one of the largest scandals in American corporate history. Over twenty thousand employees and thousands of outside investors had billions of dollars worth of shares in the company that positioned the company to be valuated at about 70 billion dollars with shares trading at about 90 dollars a share in 2001. However, from August to November 2001 Enron s stock value dropped to $0.26, and those who had invested in Enron lost billions of dollars within a coupleRead MoreEnron Case1899 Words   |  8 PagesENRON CASE Please read the Enron cases posted on blackboard and the one in your book then answer the following questions based upon the case and Chapter 9. Make sure that your answers are supported by the facts of the case and the concepts you learned from Chapter 5. Please rely only on the case/chapter 9 to answer the questions except for question # 12—requires outside search. Make sure your answers are sufficiently brief, concise, and relevant to the question. Please avoid general