Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A Marketing Plan Pricing Strategy For Blue Mountain Spring Water - 275 Words

A Marketing Plan: Pricing Strategy For Blue Mountain Spring Water (Essay Sample) Content: Pricing strategy for Blue Mountain Spring Water Name Course Institution Professor Date Pricing strategy for Blue Mountain Spring Water A marketing plan is simply a written document that outlines the company’s strategies for advertising and marketing for a future financial year. It can be for the next year or for a given period, the given time is actually decided by the shareholders of the business firm. Blue Spring Water Company is a company that deals with the bottling of safe clean water for drinking. The company has outlined a three year with the main objective of raising funds for major developments in marketing and reporting to the employees regarding the time concern of the company (Yan, 2010). This essay seeks to explore pricing strategy as outlined within the marketing plan of Blue Mountain Spring Water. The company will employ a marketing strategy that will enable it to grow at the same time to remain a force to reckon with in the market. The strategy will aim at making profits while offsetting expenses and having something to oversee it during times of economic hardships. The four objectives of pricing strategy include, premium pricing whereby a company can decide to charge a higher price compared to its competitors. The objective of this is to establish a brand that is considered luxurious. The other strategy is penetration strategy, this involves charging less price compared to the competitors by a company that is new to the market. The objective is to gain market share because consumers will opt to buy the cheaper substitute. ...

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