Saturday, August 24, 2019

Intercultural communication Reflective Journal Assignment

Intercultural communication Reflective Journal - Assignment Example However, multiculturalism presents a huge challenge to intercultural communication (Bloomfield 2007). Therefore, it is important to learn about intercultural communication in order to overcome the obstacles that multiculturalism presents. In this reflective journal, I focus on the aspects of intercultural communication, networking, and career management. In addition, I will also reflect on two major guest presentations, one by a professional from the Butterfly movement, and another by Mr. Adam Whitefield of the World Youth International. Finally, I will reflect on the effectiveness of this journal as a learning experience. 1. Intercultural Communication The aspect of intercultural communication has been core in this course. I have gathered wide and important knowledge on this aspect, and I expect this to be the foundation of my future interactions, both at the professional and social levels. This knowledge, I have acquired through classwork, and other out-of-class activities. The mos t important thing to is that I have learnt and mastered the meaning of intercultural communication. I now understand that this kind of communication is complex and challenging, as it involves people from different backgrounds. I have read in Kalscheuer (2009), that the coming in contact of different people due to the advanced technologies and communication, presents a challenge to intercultural communication. Therefore, although this presents diverse opportunities to people, it is also a common root of conflicts today. However, this course has been eye opening to me, thus my competence level in intercultural communication has improved. Different class activities, including group work, have been a major way through which I have learnt about intercultural communication, and experienced it. Through group work, I have had the opportunity to interact with different colleagues, some of whom I do not share similar social or ethnic background. Together we have discussed, communicated, and l earnt about cultural differences from each other. This also gave me a chance to challenge my assumptions, attitudes, and perceptions I had previously held about certain ethnic groups. Therefore, today, I have learnt the importance of cultural diversity, and I have let go of all the cultural stereotypes I held about certain ethnicities. I have learnt that when one lacks knowledge about intercultural communication, they might fail to see beyond the physical appearance of an individual, because of the irrelevant assumptions and stereotypes, which act as obstructions. Through this, therefore, I have acquired considerable cultural intelligence, which will be of great benefit to my future career, especially when working in an international environment, where I have to deal with clients and colleagues from diverse ethnic backgrounds. 2. Networking With regard to networking, through this course, I have theoretically come to terms with the popular phrase, "It's not what you know, it's who yo u know." In other words, networking is an important aspect of every professional, as technical skills alone are insufficient for one to realize success in their career. This involves making connections and building relationships with different people, mainly for career support and advice. Apart from being of great value to individuals,

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