Saturday, August 24, 2019

Social and economic disadvantage for some ethnic groups in Britain Essay - 1

Social and economic disadvantage for some ethnic groups in Britain - Essay Example In determining values of different capitals and power development directs towards providing benefits to a section of people of the society while making it worse for the other people in that society(Social Class, 2012). In this respect, ethnicity is one of the major parameters associated with social capitals and in Britain it has been empirically found that ethnic minorities have been subjected to various disadvantages. The social scientists have propounded intersection theory which states that the intersection of race, class and gender fetches multiple disadvantages to the people in the societal and economic forefront (Macionis, 2006, p.350). Ethnicity forms one of the most important dimensions of identities of minority ethnic group but at the same time intersect with other social divisions like that of â€Å"age, ability, class, gender and sexuality† (Craig et al, 2012, p.211). In this paper, the main focus is to carry on a critical assessment of the ways in which ethnicity i ntersects other social divisions in the creation of social and economic disadvantage for some ethnic groups in Britain. In course of discussion, focus will be entailed on theoretical foundation. Although critical assessment will be made with respect to living standards, social security but education which is one of the major indicators in the determination of social and economic development will be also given special emphasis. The social scientists in analyzing the social classes often consider a stark difference in the ethnicity forefront.

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