Monday, November 18, 2019

Discussion Board Week 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion Board Week 3 - Essay Example On the other hand Aristotle has always appeared to me as a proponent of a closed society (Keuth pg, 22). His work is always aimed at maintaining the social order. His philosophy is actually state centered and not people centered. He tells the society to behave in a way that is appropriate for the state. The doctrine of mean is also just an extension of this aim of Aristotle. It really doesn’t do any good for the society except for the fact that it helps to make the members of the society docile. The idea behind this doctrine is that people should try to behave in a manner that is not extreme in nature. For example according to this doctrine, one should not be rash nor he should be coward, but one should be somewhere in the middle of these two extremes thus one should be courageous. This is just an attempt to preserve the status quo of the society and avoid an upheaval of the public. Because of the greatness of benefit Utilitarianism provides to humanity, the principle of Mill is the best moral philosophy. The doctrine of Aristotle is not only state driven but also calls for a submissive and a closed society. That is the reason of its

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