Friday, November 1, 2019

Social Media Project Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Social Media Project - Assignment Example The topics circled to address customer trust issues are wide ranging from the employees, product launch and customer service. However, the core problem identified is the customer care and after sales services as highlighted by the selected posts below. The negative perception by customers makes one wonder why Wal-Mart is still the largest retail chain in the world. A key profit determinant would be improvement in the public relationship area for it would multiply their current earnings based on the obviously large number of dissatisfied customers which must be the fraction enjoyed by its competitors. No. Date Feedback 1 12th 04/2012 Webersouza Flamengo: Always admired Wal-Mart till it came to Brazil and got hired. Disappointed because it segregates customers and employees according to its own preference. He was fired. 2 11th 04/2012 Kimberly Smith Higashi: Wal-Mart had a grand opening in San Jose L.A and totally forgot it’s all about customers who were neglected and felt disap pointed for attention was reserved to Wal-Mart executives and Employees. 3 11th 04/2012 Sandy H. Parker: Disappointed by Wal-Mart Online order services because her order was delayed and moved to a later delivery date and the customer care did not have courtesy to inform her. 4 10th 04/2012 Ben R. Dazzle: He claims Wal-Mart is the worst thing to ever happen in USA because it uses child labor from immigrants as well as chokes down small family retail businesses. 5 9th 04/2012 The worst store to buy a computer: Wal-Mart only cares before it gets your money then changes. Their goods do not reflect the warranties thus when defective, consumers end up suffering. Wal-Mart does not investigate the sources of its products. The above 5 posts represent a summary of 30 posts evaluated from the start of March this year to the current day. The main issues of concern can be diagrammatically represented in a pie chart as follows. The leading was dissatisfied customers from poor after sales services which included purchase of faulty products that were not accepted back in exchange by warranties and guarantees. The employees were not effective in advising the customers on how to service and maintain some of the purchased products. No one really cared after money was exchanged for a product reason being they had many more people to serve. Poor customer care was also an issue especially with regards to low effectiveness and efficiency in the customer service department. Delays and inconveniences highlighted this segment, many a times causing embarrassment to the customers. Majority vowed never to come back in these incidences. Misplaced marketing vision is best defined at new outlet launches where the attention seemed to be given to the executives and staff members thus making consumers feeling unwanted. The store also pays more attention in marketing themselves rather than what they offer to the consumers. Adverts should show a substantial content of what brings people into the stores; the products and services, rather than magnificent buildings and smiling employees. Weak employment policies refers to the child labor issues with focus on foreigners, low pay packages to employees, poor working conditions which make employees tired and thus impacting on customer interactions in a negative way. It is evident from the site that Wal-Mart has done little to explore social media options as well as collect electronic

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