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Englis Removalist Essay Essay Example for Free

Englis Removalist Essay Essay Engaging texts lead us to think about significant issues within society. Discuss with reference to your prescribed test and of at least ONE other related text. Significant issues within society are effectively explored through engaging texts. The two-act play ‘The Removalists† written by David Williamsons explores significant issues within society in Australia in the seventies. The significant issues discovered throughout â€Å"The Removalists† include abuse of power and corruption. Similarly the empowering film â€Å"Shawshank Redemption† directed by Frank Darabount, also explores issues within society. Unlike David Williamsons â€Å"The Removalists†, â€Å"Shawshank Redemption† explores similar issues within society in America, in the 1940s. A significant issue within society is corruption. Corruption was conveyed throughout the play â€Å"The Removalists†. This is evident when Simmonds states â€Å"We can’t handle anything big because there is only the two of us. We can handle anything small, but then again it’s hardly worth the effort if it’s small†. Even though Simmonds says this area is the geographical centre of crime, which portrays his contradicting statements. Since the sub-branch does not handle anything big or handle anything small, it indicates the corruption within the force. The character Simmonds again reflects corruption throughout the play when he says â€Å"I have never made and arrest in all my twenty three years in the force, Ross† Simmonds uses irony as Simmonds mentioned that this city has the greatest crime rate, and Simmonds is yet to make an arrest in all his time in the force. Through the character Simmonds, corruption is effectively explored throughout The Removalists. In a similar fashion, the social issue of corruption is evident throughout the film Shawshank Redemption. Corruption was evident in the beginning of the movie as throughout Shawshank items were being traded through the currenc y of cigarettes. The fast-paced panning motions were used to show that the trading was illegal but still completed with all the prisoners and some guards. Another way corruption is evident throughout Shawshank Redemption is through the character Andy as he stimulates a large part of corruption throughout Shawshank. â€Å"All I ask for is three beers a piece for each of my co-workers†. Since Andy is doing illegal work for the police Andy asks in a polite tone for something in return for the work he has done. Corruption is also evident when Norton asks another inmate â€Å"would you be able to testify before the judge?† Norton’s asks him in a friendly tone and a low volume so  Norton could let the inmate think he was his friend. The inmate told the truth, which led to the inmate being intentionally killed. This demonstrates in a similar fashion to The Removalists how the social issue of corruption is evident in Shawshank Redemption. The social issue of the abuse of power is evide nt throughout The Removalists. This is evident when Simmonds â€Å"bends down and hoist’s Fiona’s skirt up a little† and say’s â€Å"take a close-up one on her thigh†. Simmonds actions and words portray his abuse of power within the police force to pick on troubled Fiona. The alluring tone Simmonds’s used towards Ross to take a picture of Fiona’s thigh indicated his plan was to try and use his authority and power he has to seduce Fiona. The social issue of the abuse of power is again evident through the character Simmonds. When Simmonds arrests Kenny, Simmonds abuses his power by repeatedly punches Kenny. Simmonds uses force against Kenny when Kenny undermines him. â€Å"Pity about Kate. Sergeant. You would’ve been in like Flynn† Simmonds resorts to violence because he believes that he has the right to, because he doesn’t follow the rulebook. â€Å"Stuff the rule book up your arse†. Through the character Simmonds the social issue of the abuse of power is evident in The Removalists. Similarly, the social issue of the abuse of power is evident throughout Shawshank Redemption. The abuse of power is evident through the warden, Norton. â€Å"Nothing stops! Nothing! Or you will do the hardest time there is. No more protection from the guards† The high modality and commanding tone Norton uses is to remind Andy that he is still the boss, and that Andy is under Norton’s thumb. It also portrays the abuse of power as Norton who abuses his power as the warden in Shawshank by controlling Andy for his tax frauds. The issue of the abuse of power is again evident through Norton. â€Å"There’s going to be a book barbeque at the back if you say anything†. Norton threatens Andy to keep quiet or his six years of work in the prison to get the library will turn into ashes. Norton’s commanding tone to a beaten up Andy was to further intimidate and threaten him. The two acts committed by Norton towards Norton displays the social issue of the abuse of power throughout Shawshank Redemption. Through engaging texts significant issues within society are explored effectively. The texts â€Å"The Removalists† and â€Å"Shawshank Redemption† effectively explore and reflect the significant issues within society.

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