Sunday, February 9, 2020

Outline chapter(4) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Outline chapter(4) - Assignment Example This is explained through the relationship of various effects that may accrue, from the innumerable studies that have been conducted. This means that sophisticated approaches have been bore during the past several decades that help in understanding effects. Next, Hattie sub-groups these consequences into various sub categories in order to understand the specification criterion that best explains the entire effect. For instance, he disintegrates the schooling process into components like students, the process of teaching and learning, other co-curriculum activities, the teachers in charge, the curriculum being used, stakeholders partaking the schooling process, just to mention but a few. With such sub divisions, they can be well understood in this individualized content. This just explains what begets the dynamic perspective of the schooling process. Hattie then establishes a measurement criterion for the varied observations made from the individualized sub groups. This enables them to be categorized in order of effect such that others are ranked as extreme, while others as mild. In general, the chapter outlines the individualized as well as the generalized perspective research methodologies encompassed in the learning process. A myriad of methodologies are explained and recommended as pertaining to any education process which, as a matter of fact, is

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