Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Comerical law. sale of goods Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Comerical law. sale of goods - Case Study Example Under this UCC, John can claim that ABC’s president promised him that they roofing sheets were of high quality through the phone call and that is why he opted to buy them (Cornell University Law School 1). John can claim that the roofing sheets did not meet the fitness purposes for which goods of the kind of roofing sheets he wanted to buy meet. Such roofing sheets should be able to withstand poor weather. The roofing sheets lacked freedom from minor defects; they endanger the lives of the workers in the company safe and its durability was short term. John can file a claim against all these factors since ABC’s president promised him that all these issues will be addressed yet they were not (Hooley 19). If someone has been sold a faulty product, then they are lawfully entitled to claim from the seller any direct expenses that they have incurred (Adams 53). John can, therefore, file a claim on the expense of restoring back his company. This includes the $125,000 spent on the new roofing and the roughly $200,000 lost on damages by the previously damaged

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