Monday, October 7, 2019

Globalization and Training Document Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Globalization and Training Document - Essay Example The onset of globalization has made managing supply chains complicated and critical than it was in the past years. No business area is affected more by the style to worldwide business situation within the supply chain. The need for companies like Riordan Manufacturing to use best strategies in international management of supply chain has increased because of globalization. Riordan Manufacturing is a worldwide company as it supplies its products globally. Recently, Riordan ventured into China where it discovered it had a bigger market base. As Riordan’s customers expand around the world, they expect the company to go with them. Therefore, it is important to improve their products and sell them at a cheaper price. For example, Riordan Manufacturing has a large customer base in the German plastic market, which has opening facilities in China. We have the option of continuing to supply our products to China from Germany, or find a way to interact with our customer base in China. Decisions made will ensure our customers receive quality products. To maintain the loyalty of our consumers in China, Riordan has to transfer its production expertise to China and offer those functions at a confined level (Riordan, 2014). Supply chain complexity continues to increase with globalization. The manufacturing process has become extremely complicated and is no longer a simple assembly line. Manufacturers are now forced to manage several product lines, each one assembled from parts taken from different suppliers. The same manufacturers are also needed to manage logistics, to know where and when products need to be to satisfy demand across the globe. The huge numbers of global markets where products are now being sold continues to expand drastically (Fawcett, Ellram & Ojden, 2007). With this increase in growth, there has been a rise in the number of

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