Saturday, October 5, 2019

Legal Diligence Checklist Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Legal Diligence Checklist - Essay Example Has Joe’s company made adequate provision for removal of debris and other objects from lawns before starting work? The answer to that is yes. This is important because it will demonstrate from a legal point of view that Joe’s company has exercised due diligence in ensuring that the workers are acquainted with safety procedures and know to operate in a safe manner. Therefore, it will negate any charges of reckless endangerment caused by the employer and allegations of disregard for employee safety or non compliance with Government regulations on worker safety and training. In addition to training, Joe’s Company also has provision for appropriate protective gear for the workers in order to ensure their safety at the workplace. 4. Does the employer have an accident investigating and reporting system in place? This ensures that a written record is maintained of all the potentially dangerous accidents that have endangered workers[, n.d.] The answer to that question is a no. This could prove to be a legal liability in the event of a lawsuit for reckless endangerment. 5. Have any arrangements been made by the employer to monitor the workplace? This is important, so that legal allegations made later can be redressed through hard evidence from film. The answer to that is yes, since he has installed motion lights and cameras to monitor workplace activity. 6. Does Joe’s Company have any written documentation of action that was taken against employees violating safety procedures and rules? This is important from a legal standpoint, because it helps to protect against legal liability for worker injury. If a worker has erred and been corrected but repeats the risky action, the employer will not be liable. But the answer to this question is

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