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Design of Healthy Interior Environments

KDA 320 Healthy Interior Environments Content:Introduction.Identity the bing planes, stuffs and objects.Scheme.Solution.Reference List.Part 1: Introduction What is IAQ about? IAQ stands for Indoor Air Quality, which is a term to depict the distinctive feature of an indoor infinite and concern of the major wellness, safety and public assistance about the design of the infinite. Why Indoor Air Quality is of import?Most of our life, we spend the most clip inside a edifice. Harmonizing to GREENGUARD â€Å"Indoor Air is 2 to 5 Timess More Contaminated Than Outdoor Air†[ ]As when we are inside a edifice, we are exposing to environmental pollutants when take a breathing indoor air.[ 1 ] What affect Indoor Air Quality? There is some chief facet that cause a hapless indoor air quality such as: – Chemicals – Mold – Particulates – Poor Ventilation Inside the procedure of planing a infinite, we need to admonish with the procedure of fabrication and building. Where in this instance the stuff may incorporate and let go of some sums volatile organic compounds ( VOC’s ) . VOC’s can be harmful when the chemicals exposed to human being.[ 2 ] VOC’s normally found in merchandises such as Furniture, Paint, Drywall, Bedding, Paint strippers, Adhesives/glues, Solvents, Upholstery and other fabrics, Carpet, Cleaning merchandises, Copy machine toners, Office supplies, Electronic equipment, Dry-cleaned vesture, Building stuffs.[ 3 ] Formaldehyde, Decane, Butoxyethanol, Isopentane, Limonene, Styrene, Xylenes, Perchloroethylene, Methylene, Chloride, Toluene, Vinyl chloride is some of the common VOCs in places, offices and schools.[ 3 ] What isGREENGUARDCertified Program? â€Å"GREENGUARD Certification is recognized and referenced in legion edifice plans, criterions and specifications around the universe. Merchandises with GREENGUARD Certification or GREENGUARD GoldCertification can lend to the accomplishment of points in established green edifice evaluation systems, satisfy codification or regulation standards and run into indoor air quality specific RFP requirements.†[ 4 ]    Mentionhypertext transfer protocol: // & A ; Postell, 2011, Materiality and Interior Construction, Wiley P6-8hypertext transfer protocol: // transfer protocol: // 2a: Public Space – Neil Pitt edifice Hotel Lobby The hotel anteroom takes topographic point at bing Neil Pitt edifice located on Brisbane Street.Length ( m )Height ( m )Surface Area ( m2)Entire Wall and Column60.30m4.2m253.26m2New Built Wall19.05m4.2m80.01m2Display Wall, Partition5.40m4.2m22.68m28.80m1.2m10.56m2Window, Glass Door15.4m4.2m64.68m2Entire––431.19m2Surface Area of Wall( High Impact IAQ ) Floor and Ceiling Area( High Impact on IAQ ) Floor Area = 16.05m ten 18.2m = 292.11m2 Ceiling Area = Floor Area – Void Area = 292.11m2– ( 4.28m x 12.196m ) =239.85m2 Volume of the Space( High Impact on IAQ ) = 18.2m ( L ) x 16.05m ( W ) x 4.2m ( H ) =1226.86m3 From above computation, the surface country of wall has the largest proportion of surface in the country. After subtraction out the divider and window portion, the wall has an country of 333.27m2. Therefore, choice of stuff for this will be most of import as it affect the most IAQ of that country. Floor country that consists of 292.11m2will be the 2nd largest surface within the country. And ceiling will be the last, consists of 239.85m2 The entire volume of this hotel anteroom is around 1226.86m3. For a public infinite like hotel anteroom that is in immense volume, there will be more fondness in airing and humidness of the infinite.Objects:Measure:MaterialCounter1Wood, LaminatePlant14WoodTable7Wood, GlassLighting28Steel, Glass, PlasticSofa4Wood, LeatherChair18Steel, LeatherAir Conditioning4Steel, PlasticOthers––( Low Impact on IAQ )( Medium Impact on IAQ )Objects and Material in the Space Age of Material( Medium Impact on IAQ ) For Neil Pitt edifice, most stuff of the edifice is old and some might necessitate to hold retreatment or renovation on the bing stuff. There will be some impact to look on such as the lumber saving ( may utilize of toxic merchandise ) , bing brick and block ( may happen natural radiation ) , metal ( where some repainting demand to be done ) and some old adhesives or sealers might incorporate some dissolvers.[ 5 ] Mention:hypertext transfer protocol: // 2b: Private Space – Holyman House Double Bedroom The dual sleeping room located at Holyman House in Brisbane Street. This hotel room merely a little sleeping room with a dual bed plus a cabinet filled with fabric hanging, Television cabinet and besides workspaces.Length ( m )Height ( m )Surface Area ( m2)Wall15.05m3.76m56.69m2Window2.38m1.45m3.45m2Entire Wall – Window––53.24m2Surface Area of Wall( High Impact IAQ ) Floor and Ceiling Area( High Impact on IAQ ) = 4.44m ten 3.083m – 1.471m x 0.996m = 13.69m2– 1.47m2 =12.27m2( both floor and ceiling ) Volume of the Space( High Impact on IAQ ) = [ 2.969m x 3.083m + 2.087m ten 1.471m ] x 4.2m =45.96m3 For this sleeping room, the wall besides occupied the most surface country with the entire wall size of 53.24m2. The Floor and ceiling occupied the 2nd with 12.27m2each. As for the room volume, this room has a little volume of 45.96m3. Comparison with the public infinite Hotel Lobby, this smaller infinite IAQ will better as got direct entree to the window which provide natural airing. Objects and Material in the SpaceObjects:Measure:MaterialBed1Wood, FabricCabinet3LaminateLighting6Steel, GlassChair1Steel, LeatherTelevision1Steel, Glass, PlasticOthers––( Low Impact on IAQ )( Medium Impact on IAQ )Age of Material( Medium Impact on IAQ ) Similar with Neil Pitt edifice, Holyman house most stuff is old and some might necessitate to hold retreatment or renovation on the bing stuff. Part 2c: Extra FactorVentilationVentilation is a procedure where air altering through an gap in the infinite. Hausladen & A ; Tichelmann reference in their book that: â€Å"Natural airing is a agency of accomplishing a direct exchange between internal and external air through Windowss or dedicated airing louvres or flaps.†[ 6 ] For the Hotel Lobby country, the natural airing is non every bit good as the infinite is deficiency of opening such as window. It merely has a chief door entryway. Therefore for the anteroom country, mechanical airing will be needed. Holyman house sleeping room airing is better where they have own window and the size of the window is suited for the volume of the room. Figure 1[ 7 ]HumidityHumidity is the measure of H2O vapour in the ambiance. In cold topographic points illustration when winter, the humidness is low and for Tasmania, the temperature is cold, hence humidness is easier to command. To forestall grew of cast, humidness must non over the per centum of 70 % . There are several ways that can command humidness inside a room such as airing, temperature control and besides dehumidification.[ 8 ]External AirThere is some common facet between external air and natural airing. As being reference above, Hotel lobby country is harder to acquire external air due to the location and deficiency of gap that expose the infinite to outside air. Mention:Hausladen & A ; Tichelmann, 2010, Interiors Construction Manual: Integrated planning, Finishes and Fittingout, Techncal Services, DETAIL, Birkhauser P174-175Hausladen & A ; Tichelmann, 2010, Interiors Construction Manual: Integrated planning, Finishes and Fittingout, Techncal Services, DETAIL, Birkhauser P174-175Godish, Thad, c1989, Indoor air pollution control. Chelsea, Mich. : Lewis Publishers P167-168Part 3: Indoor Air Quality Strategy As the undertaking is take portion at old edifice, get downing by analyzing the factor of the bing edifice. From the edifice, the chief nucleus stuff will be brick work and concrete. Brick work effects on Indoor Air QualityThey may happen some natural radiation.But this radiation merely to be found low in scope of merchandise.ConcreteConcrete besides may incorporate natural radiationTimberPreservation of lumber might incorporate of toxic merchandise.As this three chief stuff will be found in the bing edifice which still need to be maintain and can’t be replace, I will travel to the following measure of aiming the care plan and remotion facet. The ground of this scheme is because a care of hotel is non easy when clean up, moreover this spread hotel is located individually. For the remotion facet is consider about after few old ages, the hotel might travel through for new redevelopment, repackaging the hotel. Using this, the stuff will be analysis to fit the scheme that traveling to be usage. The three primary surface stuffs will be floor, wall and ceiling. Material Selection – Floor Ceramic floor tiles: Portland cement- based will non breathe any VOCs and/or the growing of harmful allergens. Rug: will be host for dust touchs and cast spores. VOCs found to be emit from the dissolvers, latex backup or the adhesives use in the merchandise installing. Cork: may incorporate vinyl and methanal Linoleum: natural stuff, but some systems contain off-gassing. Some person may sensitivity with the linseed oil. Rubber flooring: disinfectant, but minimum off-gassing opportunities. Vinyl flooring: stuff that is component beginnings of VOCs. Wood flooring: maintainance such as varnishes, discolorations will give off big sums of VOCs.[ 9 ] Stone flooring: hard opposition, broad scope of coatings. Example of rock: Granite, Marble, Travertine.[ 10 ] Mention:Gesimondo & A ; Postell, 2011, Materiality and Interior Construction, Wiley P54-55Gesimondo & A ; Postell, 2011, Materiality and Interior Construction, Wiley P149-151Material Selection – Ceiling Acoustic Ceiling tiles: hold wet control, or wet balance. Some low denseness mineral fiber ceiling can absorb wet and humidness. Largely Low or no VOCs. Recyclable, renewable stuffs. Easy care. Ceramic tile: fireproof, similar with floor ceramic tiles, doesn’t commit VOCs. Low care, odorless. Concrete Ceiling: non see as green stuff, can be recycle. Care may necessitate sealer that might incorporate VOCs. Pressure might do cleft. Gypsum Board: lasting and can organize different form. Susceptible to H2O and wet harm and cause growing of cast. Metallic element Ceiling: Durable. Plaster Ceiling: non wholly environmental sustainable. However they will non breathe VOCs. Absorbs wet. May cleft after sometime. Excessive wet can damage it.[ 11 ] Mention:Gesimondo & A ; Postell, 2011, Materiality and Interior Construction, Wiley P294-320Material Selection – Wall Bead Board: meets the standards of GREENGUARD about the chemical emanations. Contain PVC that is beginning of VOCs. Durable and easy to keep. Brick Masonry: low care and lasting. Good for reuse and recycle. Some brick might be porous such as painting brick. Cement fibreboard: strong and immune to fire, insect and decay. But receive discoloration and will bit. No care required, wet fabric rub for cleansing. Ceramic tiles: similar to floor and ceiling ceramic tile. Easy to keep and lasting. Concrete: similar with concrete ceiling. Glass/ Glazing: transparent, translucent or with opaque stuff. High fire resistant. Installation have sequence for panel parts. Gypsum drywall: similar to gypsum ceiling.[ 12 ] Mention:Gesimondo & A ; Postell, 2011, Materiality and Interior Construction, Wiley P203-283Part 4: Solution to make a better Indoor Air QualityShocking for Hotel LobbyFor the Hotel Lobby, after gone through some list of stuff, rock type shocking which this suite my scheme demand of easy care and remotion facet. Rock flooring is easy to keep and did non incorporate of VOCs in the installing or remotion. There is a disadvantage where rock shocking pricing is rather high comparison to other flooring. The stuff is alone because its nature signifiers of texture. Travertine Stone Floor[ 13 ]Shocking for Hotel RoomsFor the suites, rug will be use although it is harder to clean. The rug supplier that to take will be their stuff is free emanation of VOCs and eco-friendly carpet pad. This is because of rug care is lower comparison to wood flooring, merely cleaning portion will be harder. Carpet besides can do the room experience warmer comparison to the rock flooring that being take to utilize at hotel anteroom. Nylon Rugs[ 14 ] Mention:hypertext transfer protocol: // transfer protocol: // ? view=featuredCeiling for both Hotel Lobby and RoomsAcoustic Ceiling tiles have been choose to be the ceiling stuff because of the non VOCs. It is besides easy to keep and clean. Other than that, acoustic ceiling supply some acoustic demand for the infinite which is an excess benefit other than the indoor air quality. Acoustic Ceiling[ 15 ]Wall for both Hotel Lobby and RoomsBrick masonry wall will be used as for the lasting and easy care scheme. The covering of the wall will be plastered and painted with GREENGUARD certified pigment. There will besides some glass wall at the hotel anteroom to supply natural sunshine into the infinite. Mention:hypertext transfer protocol: // 5: Mention List Books:Hausladen & A ; Tichelmann, 2010, Interiors Construction Manual: Integrated planning, Finishes and Fittingout, Techncal Services, DETAIL, BirkhauserGesimondo & A ; Postell, 2011, Materiality and Interior Construction, WileyGodish, Thad, c1989, Indoor air pollution control. Chelsea, Mich. : Lewis PublishersBearg, David W. , c1993, Indoor air quality and HVAC systems. Boca Raton, Fla. : Lewis PublishersConran, T. , 2009, Eco House Book, Conran OctopusSusan, M. , 2012, Sustainable Design for Interior Environments, Bloomsbury Acad & A ; ProfWeb site:hypertext transfer protocol: // transfer protocol: // transfer protocol: // transfer protocol: // transfer protocol: // ? view=featuredhypertext transfer protocol: //

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