Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Film Final Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Film Final - Coursework Example The rise of the freelance filmmakers and independent production along with the increasing popularity of television also contributed to the decline of the Hollywood studio system which dominated the classical holly wood era (Axs Entertainment Movies 43). The birth of the television in1948 marked the progressive decline of the studio system. Hollywood could not compete. Something had to be done as quickly as possible. The executive producers in Hollywood then realized that rather than competing they could invest in television. The universal pictures was the first company to venture in television with the long running television show. Other followed suit (Axs Entertainment Movies 47). The end of the holly wood studio system had both its advantages and disadvantages. It was better because it opened the door or set the pace for independent cinemas which do not follow the genre qualification but instead focus on mixing styles and approaching subjects that Hollywood does not consider bankable. The end of the studio system was for worse because the thrill or magic of the studio is gone. Hollywood is no longer a concept in cinema, but just a location. Cinema arrived in Argentina soon after being launched in Paris. The country inhibited some of the world class pioneers in animation and scientific movies. However the true Argentinian industry started in 1933 with the establishment of sound film. The good times, when the Argentina movies were watched all over only lasted until the Early 1950s. Afterwards, the growth of television, the gradual closure of the big studio, the auteur cinema imposed other rules and stagnation of popular cinema (Vila 139). The emerging popularity of the United State Cinema, increased pressure from the Catholic Church and domineering censorship during the presidency of Peron limited the growth of the Film industry in

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