Thursday, September 26, 2019

Research report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Research report - Essay Example Some of the events that took place in the US music industry in 1993 included; the stamp named Elvis Preley that was given out by the US postal service on the 8th of January that year. Also, the original soundtrack album named the bodyguard was ranked first in history. Since then Nielson Sound scan came up with a monitoring systems that had computerized sales in May of 1990 for selling of copies that exceeded on million in one week in the US on the 9th of January. On 12th of January cream reunited for a performance in the induction ceremony of rock and roll hall of fame. On the 13th of the same month bobby brown became arrested for simulating an act that was sexual on stage. This happened in Augusta, Georgia, USA (Tschmuc, 35). On February same year many events took place that include; interviews of Michael Jackson by Oprah Winfrey on the prime time special of the US Television on 10th. This was the Jackson’s first interview in 14 years and was the interview that was most watched in the history of television. On 14th Harry Nilsson suffered a heart attack that was not fatal. Some of the events that took place in March same year included; Patti Labelle was honored as star of the walk of fame of Hollywood in USA. On 4th, Depeche Mode was ranked the first band in Britain to achieve the first position in USA in the 200 billboard which performed the album known as songs of faith and devotion. On the 29th, the suede album eponymous debut was released. It entered 1st position in the album chart as it was the fastest moving album in terms of selling in Britain. This was a new record in the UK act (Unterberger, Samb and Jennifer 14). In April the events that took place included; Jay Roach who was a screen writer married Bangles’ Susanna Hoff’s in Los Angele, USA on 17th. On 22nd, a Broadway was opened by The Who’s Tommy. On 29th, the Barry white animation version was shown in the episode cartoon series of the US television. On the 7th of June which was

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