Friday, September 13, 2019

Essay on Frazer&Patti Candy Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

On Frazer&Patti Candy - Essay Example Managing marketing pursuits requires evaluation and critical assessment of markets and consumer buying behaviors in those markets. The manager at the Candy Council had critically accounted for this provision beforehand. Antonella critically reviewed advertising pursuits and strategies employed by New Century Advertising to determine the impact of advertising on candy consumption. Loopholes emerged as to the effectiveness of advertising that the Candy Council engaged in. The council engaged in huge advertisement financing for candy consumption. While some advertisement bids realized positive results, there were times when consumption declined with exacerbating advertisement pursuits (Frazer & Patti, 2000). According to Antonella, the role of advertising for the council’s pursuits was unclear. However, it was also clear that the council was in dire need for advertisement given the market trends in candy consumption. For this reason, the three finalist advertisement agencies need ed critical scrutiny for effectiveness and efficiency. All the three finalists had their strongholds and weaknesses. According to the summarized agency profiles, the three finalists were competitive enough in their own way for the advertisement task. However, their ratings according to the council’s advertising manager would play a central role in choosing the agency that would oversee the Candy Council’s advertisement activities. The ineffectiveness that Antonella attributed to advertisement emanated from the comparison of candy consumption figures to the level of investment in advertisement that the council was making. In several instances, huge investments yielded negative results in terms of candy consumption, a scenario that depicted no need for investment. This was the primary concern for Antonella. The council’s advertisement manager, therefore, remained torn between need and no need for advertisement. Up to 70 percent growth in candy gift giving had been realized for a period of ten years by the time Antonella started working for the council (Frazer & Patti, 2000). What was not clear to her is the role of advertising in the realization of that growth. However, even with Antonella’s failure to comprehend the role of advertisement in the realization of that growth, advertisement had actually contributed to the 70 percent growth realized. The Candy Council remained vibrant in creating awareness and marketing candy products, without necessary advocating for specific candy brands. In this regard, this pursuit had mobilized candy consumers into candy gift giving, even when no specific candy products had been highlighted by such advertisements. New Century Advertising had worked with the Candy Council for several years. In this regard, the agency was fully integrated into the council’s activities unlike the other two advertisement agencies. The evaluation conducted by Antonella depicted inadequacies in the duty performance o f New Century Advertising. Antonella’s agency ratings showed that the other two finalists were better than the current agency. However, the fact that New Century Advertising understood the candy market environment that the council operated in was overlooked. Given the fact that all the three advertisement agencies were dealing with edible consumer products, changing the current agency would be relatively insignificant. New Century Adve

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