Thursday, September 12, 2019

Project and operations management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Project and operations management - Essay Example Several external factors however are of concern when it comes to developing new products for the company (The Times 100, 1995). Such factors may include the need to develop low carbon products, increasing energy security and addressing the impacts on global warming. The research and development for the company operates on a model of push and pull where airs out to manufacturers their new developments so as to drive new technological innovations and the pull where the focus shifts towards market demands; what their customers want. The company’s major challenge is mainly technical or economic. With increasing complexity in technology, then the more people are needed by the company to overcome this challenge (The Times 100, 1995). But it has proved to be another challenge for the company to recruit more skilled workers that will be able to remain competent and enable ARM maintains its position in the market. Executive summary A project is typically a collaborative enterprise (Blu m, 1986). It usually involves research that is conducted frequently, involving a carefully planned research design that sets to achieve a given aim. Projects are social systems within organizations that are constituted by teams to accomplish given tasks within a given period of time (Spottydog, 2003). A project is usually conducted by school going and university students or by organizations. For school going students it may require the students to undertake fact finding and analysis from either secondary sources of information or from empirically gathering data (Yuan-Yi, 2001). The final output is usually in the form of a dissertation. The dissertation will contain sections of the whole projects inception, inquiry methods analysis, finding conclusions and most at times would require them to make suitable recommendations (Konecny, 2006). On the other hand for organizations it will consist of a temporary task that is undertaken in order to create products that are unique and satisfact ory services many at times in pursuit of satisfying the growing and changing demands of consumers such as the case of ARM mentioned above. (Morris Peter, 2007). Therefore the objectives of the given project will determine the target status at the end of the whole project. This will be necessary to achieve the planned benefits or the aims of the project. For example, in many countries engineering projects are specifically defined by legislation and requires that any engineering project should be carried out by only the registered engineers and companies for constructing buildings, industrial facilities, and transportation of infrastructure and such like other duties (Pinto, 2001). In such cases the project scope will be well defined within a contract from owners of the project and the engineering and construction companies. This kind of project has two major phases which are design and construction. Design phase involves drawing and calculations and the next which is the final phase will be to send the project plan to a developer who will do the construction work (Archibald, 1992). Project Brief A project in its self if a process and any process usually involves a set of interrelated actions and activities that have to be carried out in order to achieve a pre-specified result or services. The

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