Monday, September 9, 2019


RESEARCHING BEHAVIORS OF INTERNET SHOPPING - Research Paper Example For this research a lot of literature has been analyzed in depth and quantitative research design will be used for the purpose of conducting this research. This research will be conducted with full authenticity and all areas regarding the current and future trends in internet shopping will be investigated. The internet has become accessible to public for over twenty years by now. It came upon the scene and has exploded in popularity like few things have ever done in the history of mankind. Since the introduction of the World Wide Web, its value in the area of commerce as well as human life has been growing. Skeptical at first, online consumerism has steadily increased and, along with it, has come some positive and negative behaviors. Online business has been the most distinctive feature in this internet era. The internet is used by all types of people on a daily basis for multiple purposes. Internet shopping is one of the most accepted forms internet activities after email and browsing. Online business is the process of buying products through the internet. This has become the easiest way to purchase various items people want, without physically visiting the shop. When the customers wish to buy a product or service, they will explore it online and further make an evaluative learning about the product. This online shopping allows the consumers to search for information about the product and its prices. It opens a vast opportunities for the shoppers to study the product details. There will be several collections of items from books, prints, games to electronics, household materials, etc. They will be better attracted by learning the facts about the products they intended to buy. Then they assess other options avai lable and lastly make a decision to buy the one that most suits their needs, considering all aspects of the product. After, this, the money transaction is done and then the materials are provided. The instances of people

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